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Museum Quality Archival Custom Picture Framing
Whether you have a $15,000 original, your child's latest fingerpainting, or a print you picked up on your last trip, we will take good care of you. While conservation—sometimes called archival or preservation—picture framing is the main staple in our shop, we also offer more budget-minded services that are hard to beat. Everything from simply mounting a poster on foamboard to complex services are available in our framing department.
Framing Area
Pro ART Source has 18 years experience in custom picture framing. We specialize in the usual. Shadow boxes, hand wrapped mats, custom cut mats, odd frame sizes, oversize pieces, tapestrys, sports shirts,maps or whatever you can imagine. All materials used are acid free, archival, & museum quality. We have framed many valuable pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have the experience in handling and preserving your fine art that you demand. If you are worried about finding an experienced fine art framer, look no more. Bring it to a framer you can trust! And we have the Northwests largest frame selection!
Why Custom Framing?
Protection: Custom framing offers the best method of protection for your artwork and memorabilia against damage caused by handling and elements such as dust, smoke, ultra-violet rays, insects and mildew.
Enhancement: Custom Framing enhances the display of your artwork and mementos.
Work of Art: Custom Framing is a unique work of art in itself involving the cooperative skills in design and color principles our professional framers can offer to enhance your own ideas.
Investment: We consider custom framing a permanent investment. We strive to give you the best design and quality materials to make it a lasting accessory to any home or office.
Click Image to get more information on what Colorplak's about.
ART LAMINATION (recommended for artwork 4' x 8' and under)
Frameless or framed "flat" art showcase alternative! Art Lamination is great for:
Children's rooms
Bathrooms (no humidity concern!)
Boats (let us know and we'll mount two hangers)
What is it? Your two dimensional art is mounted and laminated to a wood backing board: UV filtered, non-reflective, and washable finish. Edging available in a variety of colors. Three mount styles available: Basic(flat), Floated, or Boxed.
It happens come home from work and your print lay amid shattered glass on your kitchen floor. What to do? Just bring it in to Pro Art Source and we will bring your framed art back to life with a glass replacement. (You know about plexiglass, don't you?) Note: Use caution when removing broken glass from your art to minimize damage to your artwork.
Are you curious to know if your family heirloom has been framed for conservation? Would you like to upgrade your already framed piece to conservation grade quality materials and methods? Visit Pro Art Source when you want to know all you can about preserving the life of valuable artwork, photographs, and memorabilia. Our framers will explain the conservation framing process and what steps you can take to preserve the life of your framed treasures.
Framing a wedding portrait or keepsakes for a retiring co-worker? Consider adding an engraved frame plate to the framing project. Available in any size, a variety of colors and finishes with numerous type style options; frame plates are a great way to personalize your framing and preserve the moment...
Come by and we'll gladly give you a free estimate!
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